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Where did you get the door you used for the front door?

I believe it’s from University Life.

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"Do you take requests by any chance? Your houses are really awesome. ;)"

Thank you! 

Not requests, but I’m happy to take specific suggestions of houseplans or architectural styles. I explained in a recent ask what kind of suggestions are helpful to me.

The Connor House from “Roseanne”

  • 20x30 lot
  • $67,640 | $42,493
  • 3 bd/3 ba

Someone requested a while back that I re-create this house, so here it is!

I replicated the front as best I could and used pictures from this blog for the first floor layout. I kept the major elements of the floorplan, with some changes for aesthetic or practical reasons (the set designers took some liberties with the interior dimensions!). I didn’t have any reference pictures for the back, second floor or basement so I had to improvise those parts. The gable piece above the front porch is slightly higher than the dummy level between the first and second floors, so there is some warping on the sides, which you can see in the first picture. I thought the slightly taller gable piece was a better resemblance to the original house even with the warping, but you could level out that piece to the height of the dummy level if you wanted. 

I didn’t attempt to replicate the interior. I tried to keep a stuck-in-the-70s vibe throughout because I thought it suited the style of the home. 

May use items from any/all EPs. Custom content used (nothing included in the download):




I’ve just (kinda) finished off the kitchen in Ivy Cottage. I may have slipped up on the no cc rule… but I’ve made sure to use lots of items in each set to make the download worth while! What do you think? :D

The North home (2.0!)


Time for another house update! Evan and Penny have lived in this house since August was a baby, but I’m just getting around to posting about it now. This house is a beautiful home by fakehousesrealawesome, which I only edited bits and pieces of (changed some of the interior and some of the exterior, just to fit the family’s needs/my style.) You can get this house here!

I usually end up moving my family a few times per generation but honestly this house is perfect enough for them to stay here through the entirety of generation 2. It’s just big enough but not too big, which is perfect for the North family :)

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It looks great! I love your interior redecorating :D

Ok, so maybe they are not quite so thrilling as the giant exclamation point might have led you to believe… But someone on /r/TheSims asked for some bathroom-building ideas, which made me realize my weird enthusiasm for the subject. I figured that some of you guys are probably weird bathroom enthusiasts too, so here, excerpted from my post on reddit, are some tips and tricks for the bathroom in your life:

I try to have distinct areas within what would otherwise be just an open room. There are a few ways to do that: I often use a half-wall and put the toilet behind it [#1] which is something you see in a lot of real-life homes. Sometimes I use full-height walls to similarly divide the room [#2]. If I have space to spare sometimes I use toilet rooms inside the bathroom [#3] which is also something often found in (bigger) houses. I often use platforms in bathroom, usually for either the shower or tub [#4 and #5]. You can put half walls around it and a backless shower on the platform, to create the look of a fancy oversized shower.

You can really use your bathrooms creatively if you plan your layouts carefully. I’ve used half-walls to create more wall space so a larger bathroom becomes the laundry room [#6]. I’ve also done a master bathroom with a door into the sunroom [#7], which opens to the patio (the door from the bathroom has a curtain, for “privacy”). And Jack-and-Jill bathrooms are really excellent for when you don’t really have the space for a hallway bathroom [#8]. Another way to make your bathroom double its usefulness is to make it a mudroom between the home and a porch or garage [#9] (my example here is actually a laundry room, but you get the idea).

A while back, someone requested that I re-create the house from the TV show Roseanne. Here’s a picture of the original house, my progress so far (the “after”), plus a bonus picture of its earlier look (the “before”). I had the “before” version for ages; I just couldn’t figure out why it was so ugly and not-right-looking. I was nearly ready to abandon ship on this project, then I had to smack myself when I realized the problem because it was so simple… 

Someone on reddit wanted to see the Nectar skin by brntwaffles in game, so I took these pictures of a few of my Sims. I thought they turned out pretty photogenic so I’m posting them here. The guy in the green vest happens to be my current legacy heir (the one who’s living in the Craftsman bungalow). 

This skin is pretty great, by the way; it’s been my default since I first saw it. It’s lovely even on my Macbook Pro that can’t render skin details very well.

Interior pictures from the Craftsman bungalow. Erik’s little sister just aged up and joined him for his second term in university, so his old roommate has been kicked out and I got to redecorate the second bedroom for her.


With a great suggestion by Fakehousesrealawesome, I’ve managed to find some incredible windows and doors on the sims resource!! Totally in love with how it feels now! I have to use my illegal store ivy though :’( I’m trying to make it as store-free as possible, though now I’ve started downloading everything at TSR I’ve had to organise and merge all my CC so my poor pc doesn’t squeal when I load sims up! What do you think?

It looks great! I really like the decorative pieces on the roof gables, and the new windows. Good decision to use different window types for the different sections of the house; it makes it look as though the dark brown part was the original farmhouse, and the slightly more modern windows on the front facade are from additions and renovations made over the years.

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"Surprise, beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people’s asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread anonymous love, not hate! :)"



Two reuploads specialty. 

Teal Deer
Nothing much here, just a reupping. 

Frat Bros Jr. 
fakehousesrealawesome (~O.„.O~ ZOMG!!) used these in a house of theirs and people were asking them about them in which case they did share (as my policy allows). I promised them I would check the fences and update them as needed. I did, a little later (sorry!). Namely I fixed out the issues I found. There was a mesh gap in the top of the post, which I fixed up. I also gave the railing the presets of the Uni stuff. I then fixed it to be BG compatible. Totally delete the old versions pls. These won’t override each other.

Teal Deer
Frat Bros Jr

Hey look! Shiny new things! I gave you guys the original download link to the first version of these, which I found in my old reblogs. Here’s the new version of these lovely railings all fixed up. Although I’m too dumb to have seen the mesh issue in the first place I am off to obediently re-merge my build CC with this, and you should too. 

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Will fans of your beautiful designs be Ave to download ur craftsman styled house?

Maybe later. I’m furnishing it now and using a fair bit of CC, since I built it for personal use (and even the exterior has about ten or twelve CC items!). I want to hoard it for myself a while anyway but after that, if I can take out enough CC to where I think it would be useful to others, I will share it.

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I could live happily in any one of those houses. *sigh*

You and me both! The whole time we were driving around that neighborhood I was torn between total amazement and violent jealousy :P

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Ahaha! If I recall correctly, that’s the one that had a matching carriage house around back. A CARRIAGE HOUSE. I die.

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craftsman and victorian houses are my favorites too, but there are very few if any where i live ;_;

I feel your pain. My own neighborhood doesn’t have anything like these either, which is why I always snap creepshots when I happen upon them while traveling :D 

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Wow! These look like they’re from Port Washington!

These particular pictures are from Oshkosh, but I Googled Port Washington when I saw your comment and promptly swooned. Wish I could have visited!

BB and Mocha’s home (by fhra) in Mesa Grande.

BB and Mocha’s home (by fhra) in Mesa Grande.